International Desk

As Legal Turkey, we provide consultancy not only to domestic clients but to international clients as well.

We serve cross border legal advice to our clients in various legal matters. Our international team of lawyers come from different backgrounds and are highly educated in, and experienced with, international law. Every of our team members has been foreign educated and/or possesses cross-border work experience. Furthermore we provide legal solutions, that are compatible with international standards as well as legal requirements of Turkish law.

To better assist our clients we have developed an international desk focused on various countries and regions. Our key team members strives to assist our clients in legal matters all over the world. These desks employ native language speaking partners/associates. Legal Turkey has German desk and has partner German consultancy firms. Contact information for relevant lawyers for each desk can be found below:

International Desk Team

Melis Isik
German desk- Associate
German Desk

Russian Desk Team

Yulia Turan
Russian Desk