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Legal Turkey provides consultancy, counseling and advocacy services to legal and commercial services needed by foreign individuals and companies investing in Turkey. We provide our consultancy on each case of our clients with a hands-on-approach.
We guide each of our clients to achieve their investment and business goals in Turkey with determining the most suitable and advantageous investment type. In order to ensure the investments of our clients in Turkey we promise and realize the best for our clients with our business partners in different sectors in Turkey.

Company Formation in Turkey

Turkey provides a favorable environment for foreign investors in their commercial activities. Foreign investors are treated the same with local investors: Upon enactment of the (FDI) Law No. 4875 in Turkey, international investors have gained the same rights and obligations with the local investors.

Open Company Bank Account in Turkey

Legal Turkey assists its clients to open the bank accounts of their company. The Clients can either open a bank account for their foreign entity or Turkish entity. The complete documentation of the company in the country will need to be provided to the bank, where the “potential tax number” issued by the tax authorities in Turkey will be necessary. Our legal team will help our clients to ensure their business in Turkey and manage bank relations of their companies in Turkey.

Transit Trading in Turkey

Legal Turkey assists foreign investors who want to do transit trading in Turkey. Due to its geographical position, Turkey forms a bridge between Asia and Europe and is a great location for the investors who transit trade. Transit trade products are exempted from all kinds of tax and duties as they do not enter Turkish customs areas and they are very important for foreign trade firms regarding tax advantages.

Registration of the Company to Free Economic Zone

Companies can benefit from the tax benefits of Free Economic Zones in Turkey. Turkey has 18 free economic zones and both Limited Liability companies and Joint Stock Companies are able to apply for Free Economic Zone.

Register Office Address in Turkey & Virtual Office

A rental office agreement should be arranged for the Turkish entity, before the establishment of an entity. The address on the mutually signed rent contract should be stated on the AoA. A copy of the mutually signed version is also presented to the Tax Department during the Company Tax Number Registry. Legal Turkey assists our clients to find a virtual office in one of the most reputable business areas in Istanbul.

Book-Keeping/ Accounting & Tax Compliance

Clients need to either outsource or hire an accountant for their Turkish entity. Accounting is an obligatory service for both Limited Liability companies and Joint Stock companies in Turkey. Legal Turkey will be offering their clients bookkeeping and tax compliance services. Contact us to hire an accountant for your Turkish company.

Custom Clearance Service

Legal Turkey’s partner custom clearance firm follows up on and finalizes all necessary permits and documents for foreign trade operations. Our custom clearance firm examines the specifications of products which are subject to foreign trade regulations and creates appropriate customs tariff schedules accordingly.

Local Directorship Service

Foreign individuals and companies can be the shareholder and director of Turkish entities without needing a local shareholder or director. However, foreign investors can assign a local director who is a Turkish-speaker and resident Turkish citizen for their Turkish entity and with the help of us. In that way, our clients can benefit from the presence of a local director and easen the burden of their daily work in their Turkish entity.